Bakeries, Breweries, & Kitchens

At Origin Vanilla, we specialize in vanilla and only vanilla. Our vanilla has been sought-after by a list of breweries, bakeries, chocolate and caramel companies, gourmet kitchens, and more. 

In Indonesia, we work with independent farmers in West Java and Bali. In Madagascar, we work with a farmer cooperative in the SAVA region. Our consolidated supply-chain allows us to keep consumer prices competitive while offering higher incentives for vanilla cultivation. Very few hands touch our vanilla beans before they arrive in the hands of consumers.Farmers earn a better living, consumers spend less, and everyone ends up winning. We want to promote vanilla cultivation in our origin countries. 

You'll find bulk pricing for certain products on our website, but it's best if we can have a conversation with you to talk about details and specifics.  

To receive more information about bulk pricing on vanilla beans and vanilla extracts, get in touch with us personally at or

 call +1 (970) 427-4124.

We hope to hear from you soon!