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Organically grown. Sustainably sourced. Artisanally produced .  

Shop vanilla extracts, flavors, and a wide variety of other baking ingredients. 

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By the numbers... 


600 vanilla orchids must be hand-pollinated in order to create 6 kilograms of green, unprocessed vanilla beans. 

6 kgs

Those 6 kilograms (13.2 pounds) of green vanilla beans will produce 1 kilogram of dried, black, "export-ready" vanilla.


Vanilla is the world's most complex spice, boasting over 400 individual flavor components in a single bean.

$580 M

The global vanilla market is worth $580 million as of 2020, and is expected to grow by 4.7% until 2026. 

Our Approach 

We're here to put money, equity, and dignity into the hands of the people who grow our food. We build new supply-chains from farms that have never exported before. Ineffective supply-chains have created cycles of poverty that can only be solved through direct-trade relationships and fair business practices.  

If we want to enjoy great vanilla and spices for years to come, it's time we invest in the people and communities who cultivate them.

Our job is to source vanilla beans, partner with top manufacturers to produce value-added items, and deliver those items to our customers around the US.


Smallholder farmers are the backbone of our global food supply, and we believe it's time to begin investing in them. The two most important segments of the supply-chain are the farmer and the consumer, and by bridging the gap between the two, products are both fresher and more economical.

Global Reach

From the Northern peninsula of Sulawesi, to the mountains of Vietnam, to the jungles of West India, we travel far and deep to source our raw ingredients. Our products are manufactured and distributed in the United States, and we have ambitions to offer our product across the natural food industry.


Our partner farmers work tirelessly to maintain superior quality in their crops. We believe in bringing those fundamental values into the products we offer. We offer dozens of different vanillas, extracts, and flavorings for a variety of applications, from ice creams and chocolates to beverages and perfumes.  

Buy Gallons and More 

Looking to source wholesale volumes?

We offer a wide variety of vanillas, flavors, and other ingredients for the food and beverage industry. 

Let's chat more! 

Our retail items are also available on FAIRE.

Are you a food scientist?

We love working with food scientists on new and interesting projects. Whether you need a sugar-free soluble powder, or a 10X vanilla extract, we've got you covered.

Contact us to hear more about our different powders, liquids, and other vanilla applications.  

Food Service & Commercial

We offer a variety of vanilla and non-vanilla flavoring applications for frozen, dairy, beverage, and snack food industries. Working with Origin gives you peace of mind knowing you'll receive a fresh, quality product at a fair price. We create custom applications in partnership with our commercial customers. 

Chefs, restaurants, hotels, bakeries, breweries, and food/beverage manufacturers trust us for tasty, functional, and sustainable flavoring solutions.