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Origin Vanilla

Papua New Guinea Vanilla Beans

Papua New Guinea Vanilla Beans

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Our Tahitensis vanilla beans are sweet and delicate, yet deep and bold. They're perfect for brewing extracts and they work very well with fruit dishes. 

Tahitensis vanilla is a crossbreed vanilla and was originally cultivated on the island of Tahiti, although the cultivation has spread to various parts of Oceania as climate volatility has impacted Tahiti in recent years. It’s sweet and delicate flavor notes are welcoming and pair well with fruit dishes. A favorite of top pastry chefs and is commonly found in fragrances.

Sweet and light, with bold undertones.

The beans are an average of 11-16 cm in length with 20-26% moisture content. 


Vanilla Bean.

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Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Sustainably Sourced


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Packed with Flavor

Did you know that vanilla beans have over 300+ individual flavor compounds?